What Is Included

The blackened fingertips referred to in the text most likely means to frostbite, and gives the image of frostbitten fingers trying to perform fiddly tasks. It is most likely the narrator is Simon, Joe’s climbing partner because he is taking to Richard and also mentions Joe.
He describes Lima as chaotic and busy in comparison to the calm tranquility of the mountains, and he gives this as an example as to why he wants to stay in Sarapo. ” The mountains held me in thrall. Something prevented me from leaving ” is said by the writer and this gives the indication that something happened on the mountain he did not want to leave or he felt guilty for.
When the reader says that ” He was quiet when he prepared breakfast. ” you get the feeling that there is something between them that they didn’t want to talk about, which may be related to why he might not want to leave because he is guilty
The word Voracious is used to describe how hungry the writer is but in using a word that is less known it creates more effect and it also sends the message that perhaps the writer has not had a good meal for a while.
The sentence ” The icy white sweep of Sarapo ” indicates that they are still on the mountain, probably at a camp. they probably also have some way to go after they set off and this may be why the author was so reluctant to leave

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