The Final Choice – Chapter 6

Joe and Simon face many struggles when they are trying to get back down the mountain. The most obvious of these being Joes broken leg which prevents him from climbing down himself meaning Simon has to help him. Another problem is the extreme cold, Both Simon and Joe are both suffering from minor frostbite and this is very bad for Simon as he has to uses his hands to lower Joe down. Another issue that they are having is the general conditions, as the poor visibility means Simon loses sight of Joe faster and this means he is unaware of what Joe is doing for longer

Joe recreates the tension when he is being lowered down the cliff by using emotive language to tap into the reader’s thoughts and experiences. Joe also uses short sentences to represent the thoughts he was having at the time which are rapid and disjointed because he lacks the time for clear thinking when he is being lowered into the void. The sentence “Then abruptly my feet were in space” is very sudden and the reader can clearly visualize what has happened and also what fear Joe would be going through at the time and it also puts a stop to the fall he describes and you feel that it is almost, ‘the calm before the storm’

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