Tempting Fate – Chapter 2

In chapter 2 of Joe Simpson’s book ” Touching The Void ” Joe and Simon are climbing, They have a special relationship that is shown time and time again. When Joe is aching Simon volunteers to go first because he knows Joe is at a disadvantage. Since Joe and Simon have been climbing together for so long they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so they know when the other person might need a little bit more support.

The environment they are climbing in is a difficult climb, and at the beginning of the chapter they are enjoying it because of the challenge but then when the ice began to break away under there ice picks they realized the danger and began to worry about the other person getting hit, which is another sign of their great friendship.

When Joe has a ” Flashback ” he remembers the time that he was climbing with Ian Whittaker and they were climbing really well, but when they found a suitable place to sleep when Joe fell and was saved only by his safety rope, The ledge they were resting on had fallen taking all their equipment with it so Joe and Ian were left hanging above the face in just their socks unable to climb out. The rope holding them was very fragile and they had to place their lives in its care for 12 long hours until their screams for help were heard and a rescue helicopter came to their rescue. Ian returned to the Alps but he had lost his interest in climbing, whereas Joe now was mostly over it and now only had a fear of bivouacs.

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