Specialized Jargon : Chapter 3 – Storm At The Summit

Question 1. The specialized jargon used is not explained in the text because the author thinks that the reader would get the rough idea of what the words mean so they get the idea without having to explain it. The reader is expected to bring their own experiences to the text. He can also assume that the reader has some knowledge of climbing if they are reading the book.

Question 2.
1 Karrimats are sleeping pads or mats and are important in the text because it is what Jo and Simon are sleeping on.
2 Rock Piton is a nail type object designed to be hammered into the rock so to create a point to clip your self to the rock which is what Simon and Jo will be using it for.
3 A ravine formed by water may be a feature on a mountain that Jo and Simon could be climbing up.
4 Seracs are a pinnacle or ridge on the surface of a glacier which could be an obstacle that they would have to overcome.
5 Ice screws are screws that can be drilled into an ice wall so they are connected to a wall so Jo and Simon can put their weight on them allowing them to belay.
6 A cascade is a waterfall that keeps a steady flow of water over the width of the waterfall. And this relates to the story because they are trying to find them because it would be better ice to climb.

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