In The Far Distance – Chapter 9

Joe uses symbolism in chapter 9 to show two main points, the first of these is “Light” and the second one is “The Voice” When Joe has fallen down the crevasse he has all but given up hope, and has accepted his death. Then he looks up and sees the light at the top of the crevasse, for Joe this light represents hope, and it gives him the motivation to try to escape. It also is a contrast to the darkness he is stuck in and the fact he wishes to be out of the crevasse he is stuck in and in that light he can see, almost giving him a goal that he is determined to reach.

The other symbolism Joe mentions is “The Voice” this is Joe’s mind that keeps him going when Joe wants to give up. When Joe is talking about “The Voice” he talks about something that is talking to him from the outside, and “The Voice” is also very firm because it is the part of Joe that not only wants to keep going, but it knows he has to keep going if he is to survive. “The Voice” shows that Joe’s mind is very fragile, and it has been split into two parts by the events that happened on Suila Grande. It also shows he was affected by the realization that Simon had cut the rope, which represents the bond between the two of them and Joe most likely did not want to feel completely alone on the mountain, hence the reason for “The Voice”

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  1. Great responses, Ben – insightful ideas that are well-explained overall.
    * Just remember to select specific quotations from the passages to support your points 🙂

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